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Glass Bead Pendant -

Item: B-049

This handmade pendant bead is interplay of black, ivory, red, orange, yellow, and clear glass with pure silver foil and wire. The basic technique for this bead was taught to me by a friend. I became fascinated by the endless, subtle variations and made a series of these "galaxy" or "cosmos" beads. You will find several of them here ... all the same but different

Because clear glass is layered between the other colors of glass, one can see deeply into the bead. Unfortunately, this depth does not show in the photographs.

The bead is designed to be worn as a pendant on the black satin cord which comes with it or it can be strung on a favorite chain. The sterling silver wire bale has an opening that is approximately 3/16" in diameter ... large enough for most omega and similar chains.

The bead is flat and nearly perfectly round with an approximate diameter of 1-3/8".

Note: Also see Birth of the Cosmos: The First Alchemy on the Necklace and Earring Set Page (item #NE-105).

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