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Sedona -

Item: NE-163

Currently on display at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle. It is available to purchase but may take an extra day or two to ship. This necklace/earring set features forty-one lampwork beads. Except for the complementary seed beads used for spacing, every bead was handmade one at a time on my torch at the Pratt Fine Arts Center.

For half of the beads I used copper green glass (which was then etched to a soft matte finish bringing out striations of reds and blues and greens). The rest of the beads were made with a silver glass that produces rich red and green tones as the oxygen/propane mix of the torch flame is manipulated.

The clasp and earrings are sterling silver.

Necklace Length: 18-1/8

The Hoffmeyer Collection | | Seattle, Washington | (206) 242-2252